Niv Zinder

Barry's Bootcamp Instructor

I am a core, strength, and conditioning professional and deliver energy packed classes using a teaching style that challenges and motivates my clients to transform their physique as well as improve their health and athletic performance.

I have been involved with sports and fitness since childhood, starting with basketball at home in Tel-Aviv, Israel, playing in the professional leagues. I later joined the Israeli Army as a Defense Forces Fitness Trainer where I led workouts for soldiers. I was awarded a basketball scholarship to Mercyhurst College, and after two years I moved to Yeshiva University where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. While at Yeshiva, I played on the University’s basketball team and trained students one-on-one at the school.

Education is a top priority for me. I provide each client the right tools to evolve and progress. Being part of your journey is a privilege and something I do not take for granted. I am dedicated to my craft and will spend endless hours moulding the perfect class to ensure maximum results. You will experience combinations and routines that are as complex as they are fluid and, before you know it, I will have you pushing your body to places you never thought it could go. The best part; results are a given. I will have a steady, unrelenting belief in you. I will just ask you to do it… and it’s because I know you can.

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